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Mia's review


So if you’re anything like me, doing a leisurely skincare routine is the last thing you feel like doing after an evening shower. Personally I want to collapse into bed! For me, I have my little one all day everyday. He’s not in childcare so it’s my responsibility to facilitate daily interesting, varied activities that help him learn and develop along with also doing the daily things required of a SAHM. Throw in being almost 7 months pregnant and yeah… I’m exhausted! After my shower I use one product on my body that serves 4 purposes and I’m loving it! Bubba Organics baby moisturiser lotion goes on my belly to ease itchy, stretched pregnancy skin. It then goes on my legs as a moisturiser, my lips as a lip balm and I rub the rest into my hands as a hand cream. It’s organic, smells beautiful and works. It soaks in so well and doesn’t leave any sticky or greasy film on your skin. I love it and need it everyday to make my skin feel amazing. Of course I use the Bubba Organics range on Ashton too and his skin is always soft and beautiful. If you’re in a similar situation at the moment, definitely give this a go!


Nancy – NSW

I am writing to you to share my absolute joy at your product. My beautiful 11 month old little girl started getting eczema at around 5 months of age and it steadily got worse until it covered most of her back, shoulders and chest. We tried many different products with little to no results. I ended speaking to my doctor about some more extreme measures and was put onto a cortisone cream of 1% I was hesitant to use it as I know prolonged use isn’t good but as I was out of options I gave it a go. We did get results while using the cortisone but the second we stopped the eczema would be back just as bad.

That was when we stumbled across bubba organics at the baby expo. We tried the goats milk bottom cream on her back while walking around the expo and were impressed when it didn’t cause a flare up so we decided to buy a starter pack and give it a go.

I was so shocked at the results we saw and just how quickly the cream made a difference in just three days of using the bottom cream on her breakouts the eczema was almost gone we didn’t even get results like that from the cortisone.

I can’t even begin to explain how incredibly happy I am with this product it has changed our lives and given the peace of mind we needed that we don’t have to resort to harsh chemicals on our preoccupies little girls delicate skin.

Thank you for putting time and effort into creating a natural product that actually works.

I’ve included the photos just before we started using the bottom cream and the photos from just three days later.

Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 9.45.03 AM.png


“When Chester was a few months old he had a bout of eczema and we tried many different bath products before we landed on Bubba Organics.  It cleared his eczema up within days and has since kept his skin supple and soft.  I spend a lot of time scouring ingredients list of bath products and when I saw that Bubba Organics contains aloe vera as it’s main ingredient, not water, which is drying, I was sold. We absolutely love this product.”

ANGELA's review.jpg


Being a fan of organic and natural products, I jumped at the change to try Bubba Organics.  We’ve been using it for almost a month and it’s so gentle on Charlottes sensitive skin.  Some creams often cause her eczema to flare up due to all the hidden nasties, but the Goats Milk & Manuka Honey combo has been so kind and gentle on her skin.  100% recommend this if your looking for a natural alternative!

jessie's review.jpg


Lately, bed times have been really tricky and I have actually been dreading them!  So much so that some nights I would avoid it and end up with the kids still awake at 9pm.  With school starting, it was time to sort it out and changes had to be made. My FAVOURITE way to kick off the wind down is a nice bath!  Bubba Organics Lavender & Chamomile  products have been a game changer!  It should read on the bottle that this “will help the kids settle down.”

Aside from the fact the wash and moisturiser just smell like relaxation in a bottle, the products are made from 100% natural and ethically sourced ingredients with an Aloe Vera base that makes them super-nourishing and perfectly gentle on my kids precious skin.  I’ll be using it for the new babeh too!  And, I’ve been using the moisturiser on myself.  When I say “I’m using”, I’m making the kids rub it in and its like a mini massage 

margaux's review.jpg


Bath time has always been our favourite part of the day, we put some music on, fill up the bath with foam and play util the water is cold, and never without our fav Bubba Organics range.  I literally spend the day sniffing Ambre’s hair, yeah I know it sounds weird but you should smell those products from Bubba Organics, it is absolutely divine and it is organic so even better.

shannon's review.jpg


Emmy loves her special baths at Nanna’s house. Bath time is even better with Bubba Organics Lavender & Chamomile bath wash   Smells absolutely amazing. Topped off with a Lavender & Chamomile massage, and we’ve got the perfect recipe for a happy sleepy baby 

stephaine's review.jpg


Bath time is night time for us, we’ve been using Bubba Organics on the boys now for a few weeks and not only do they smell amazing, their skin especially on their feet is much less dry. Bubba Organics May Gibbs Australian Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow range has banished the dry, scaly skin on the twins little feet!

justine's review.jpg


I’ve shared my favourite bath product a few times in the past because I really love this brand.  Bubba Organics has been keeping Penelope and her curly locks clean since birth and they have a new range out made with Manuka Honey

What I love about the ingredients is that there is no water in it, so it isn’t drying, and the baby bottom cream clears up any nappy rash without chemicals needed.  I also use the baby moisture lotion for my hands and love it!

Mis's review.jpg


I’m all for highly chlorinated pools but not such a fan of the smell after, so every week after Ashtons lesson and after his shower, I lather him in this gorgeous lotion.  It takes away that intense chlorine smell and keeps his skin soft. I use it too now and it makes my skin feel and smell amazing.  I’ve been buying presents for a few friends about to become mamas.  This is my absolute favourite.  We ran out recently and had to use something else.  I definitely noticed a difference.

Love using the Lavender & Chamomile bath & body wash & moisture lotion.

Dana's review.jpg


My favourite thing, Bubba Organics skincare range and in particular the Hair & Bath Wash.  The main reason I love it so much apart from how good it smells, is the fact that it doesn’t make the kids cry if it gets in their eyes! (I’ve noticed so many other brands irritate their eyes) It’s so good and I’ve found it lasts ages.

Bec's review.jpg


My sons eczema came up bad yesterday in the heat.  Applied the goats milk bottom cream after his bath and the second photo was his back this morning. Magic  thank you.  Always works for us xx

erin's review.jpg


I’ve been suffering from contact dermatitis on my hands and up my arms for years now, as I’m always saturated in oil and product due to my job.  I’ve lost count of the amount of the different creams and lotions (including prescription creams) I have tried to help ease the itchiness and discomfort that wakes me up in the middle of the night.  As soon as I heard that the Bubba Organics bottom cream soothes skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis I had to try it straight away!  I can now say that my dermatitis is not only barely visible, but I’m now hardly in any discomfort.  The Kakadu Plum and Marshmallow scent also makes it that much easier to use…  so delicious.

I officially could not live without this product anymore!

morgan's review.png


Hi Guys, we’ve been using this Baby Bottom Cream loads lately so I thought I’d take the time to give my honest opinion about it.  Audrey has been teething this past week and one of the many downsides is nappy rash!  I first noticed a small rash forming Monday night so put some of this cream on before bed,  she woke up and the rash was completely gone.  I put it on after every  and haven’t seen a rash since (and there have been a few as she has just had her 4 month needles which actually gives them diarrhoea).

If you are searching for a natural cream that works and smells great, something that isn’t harsh on your Bub’s skin. I highly recommend this 

rebecca's review.jpg


Saturday morning Bubbles – We were recently introduced to Bubba Organics, a naturally safe product for fresh new skin (Thank you to @strattansgonewild_) We were putting it aside for the twins arrival but I got curious and like most skincare products I like to try them first.  They got my tick of approval and now Charlottle’s.  Super soft on her Eczema skin ✓

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